Our most popular novelty bar flavors are not sold in stores!

Our novelty ice cream bar assortment for special events is the largest in the greater DC area! Our prepackaged products are from the best brands in the business like Good Humor, Klondike, Magnum, Mars & more.

Chocolate Éclair
Ice cream cup Chocolate (4 oz)
Ice cream cup Strawberry (4oz)
Ice cream cup Vanilla (4oz)
Nutty Buddy Cone
Popsicles (Scribbler)**
Strawberry Shortcake
Tropical Mango
Vanilla Crunch Bar
Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
Vanilla Sandwich (4 oz)
Water Ice Cup Cherry (8 oz)
Water Ice Cup Lemon (8 oz)
Fruit Bar Coconut
Fruit Bar Lime
Fruit Bar Mango
Fruit Bar Pineapple
Fruit Bar Strawberry
GH Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
GH Chocolate Éclair
GH Giant King Cone
GH Giant Neapolitan Sandwich
GH Giant Vanilla Sandwich
GH Girl Scout Thin Mint
GH King Cone
GH Oreo Bar
GH Reese Ice Cream Bar
GH Strawberry Shortcake
GH Toasted Almond Bar
GH Vanilla Bar
Birthday Party Sand (4.25oz)
Bomb Pop Jr RWB
Bomb Pop Orig RWB
Bomb Pop Warhead
Candy Center Crunch
Character Bar Batman
Character Bar Hello Kitty
Character Bar Minion
Character Bar Ninja Turtle
Character Bar Spiderman
Character Bar Spongebob
Character Bar Tweety
Chill Cup Cherry (12oz)
Chill Cup Lemon (12oz)
Dove Milk Chocolate
Dove Dark Chocolate
Klondike Bar
Klondike Caramel Peanut Kandy Bar
Klondike Chocolate Taco
Klondike Ms. Fields Cookie Sandwich
Klondike Oreo Sandwich
Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla
Magnum Double Caramel
Magnum Double Peanut Butter Bar
Magnum Vanilla with Almonds
M&M Cookie Sandwich
Pop-Up Orange
Pop-Up Rainbow
Snow Cones
Sundae Cone
Snickers Ice Cream Bar
Twix Ice Cream Bar

* Contains no nuts
**Popsicle flavors Cherry, Grape, Orange
Also available: No Sugar Added bars and cups